Raw Dough Is Dangerous To Cats

Giving raw dough to cats is strictly a no-no because it can be extremely dangerous. Upon ingestion, the conditions inside the cat’s stomach create a perfect environment for the raw dough to expand. As the dough grows in size, it can lead to bloating and distension of the stomach. This can be very painful and uncomfortable for the cat. The abnormal distension of the stomach can exert pressure on the adjacent organs and can possibly prevent normal blood circulation in the abdominal area, which can be life-threatening.  

The yeast that is added to the bread dough acts to ferment the carbohydrates and in the process produces alcohol (ethanol) which can be toxic to cats. This form of alcohol can readily be absorbed in the blood circulation and as levels build-up, it can cause alcohol toxicosis. Affected cats experience seizures and eventually respiratory failure.

If your cat has eaten raw bread dough, call your veterinarian Middletown, DE ASAP.


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