Treating a Dog with Epilepsy

Did you know that dogs can have epilepsy or epileptic seizure activity? If you suspect your dog is having some type of seizure, please notify your vet right away. Tests can be run to determine if your dog is in fact having seizures. Once a diagnosis is made then treatment can be prescribed. Treatments often include medications, change in diet or lifestyle, etc. Long-term care is often needed. Seizures may occur in dogs when there is a miscommunication of neurons in the cerebrum of the brain. The cause of the miscommunication is not always known. Sometimes it’s genetic while other times it could be due to another illness. When seizures are the result of another illness, the other illness is usually treated first to see if that will reduce seizures. Medications and other treatments may not be able to stop seizures completely, but they can make your dog more comfortable. Talk to your pet clinic Acupuncture to learn more.

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