Dogs and Pool Safety

You may want to consider keeping your pool locked behind a gate or covered when not in use if you own pets. This is a necessity if you have children and should be a necessity if you have pets. If you can’t keep your dog out of the pool area (even with locks) then it may be best to ensure your dog knows how to swim and that he has areas in the pool where he can easily enter and exit the water. Even if your dog can swim, if he doesn’t have some type of stairs or ramps to exit from the water he could still get tired and possibly drown. For times that you allow your dog to swim make sure you supervise him the entire time. When he exits the pool, rinse him with regular water to ensure the chlorine is out of his coat. Call your vets Lakeville, MN for more tips. Or make an appointment at this website Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital.


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