Aftercare Of Cats Following Spay Or Neuter Surgery

Appropriate aftercare of a cat that has just been through spay or neuter surgery is of optimum importance. Here are some tips to help your cat through the healing process:

Keep your cat confined indoors. A cat that is allowed to roam outside the home can run the risks of developing an infection in the surgical site or the breakdown of stitches. Since activity should be restricted following surgery, it is best to confine your furball in a spacious crate or an enclosed room, such as in the bathroom or laundry room. Make sure that there are no vertical spaces accessible to your cat to minimize opportunities for jumping.

Always keep your pet’s litter box spotlessly clean and odor-free with daily scooping and maintenance. If your cat is using clumping litter material, it’s time to change to a non-clumping litter with low dust while your kitty is recuperating. This can help ensure fewer chances of contamination and other potential problems that can occur at the surgical site.

Do check with your vet London, ON if a temporary change of the litter type is recommended. 


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