How Lick Granulomas Develop in Dogs

While it is instinctive for dogs to groom themselves, over-grooming can lead to trauma and skin irritation, especially in the leg and foot areas. If left unattended to the irritation may develop into a granuloma at the junction – this is referred to as a lick granuloma. They look like fleshy masses with no hair and are pinkish in appearance. The behavior is considered as a disorder known as “acral lick” and is usually triggered by stress, boredom, and other similar factors. The behavior is addicting since licking tricks the brain into releasing endorphins or “happy hormones”. Treating the condition is near impossible but will include a combination of mental stimulation, physical activity, and medication (in more serious cases).

Should you find your dog having acral lick, make sure to consult with a veterinary clinic Newmarket, ON to have the issue addressed and treated immediately before it develops into more complex health concerns.


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