Why Do Cats Gag?

If you notice your cat gagging, it’s probably because of something irritating in the environment. Your cat’s gagging is a natural reflex to prevent any foreign material from entering the lungs. Common causes are strong unpleasant smells that can overpower your cat’s sense of smell. You can stop your cat from gagging by investigating and eliminating the cause of the irritant. The following are some of the things you’ll want to look out for:

  • Essential oil diffuser – cats love to groom themselves and is part of their instincts to do so. The tiny droplets produced by a diffuser can make its way onto a cat’s hair and cause the cat to ingest the droplets causing him to gag.
  • Perfume – while the fragrances that we love to wear may be appealing to us, that’s not the case with our cats. As they have a more sensitive sense of smell than we do, colognes, perfumes, and other scents, especially strong ones can easily be irritating to cats and can cause them to gag.
  • While gagging is a natural reaction, your cat may have other more serious reasons for it which should prompt immediate medical attention especially if the gagging has been more frequent than usual. Take your pet to the nearest animal hospital White Rock, TX immediately. Learn more here.


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