How to Help Your Cat Overcome Fear

Have you ever noticed a time when your cat is anxious or afraid? Anxiety can appear in the form of pacing, panting, or even sweating. These types of anxiety reactions need immediate veterinary attention. Other more subtle signs of anxiety include hiding under furniture, meowing a lot, clinging to you or another member in the house, etc. Your cat could be afraid of thunder or other loud noises like the lawn mower outside or the vacuum cleaner inside. You can help your cat by distracting her. Take her to another room in the house and play a game, give her a belly rub, have a snack together. Anything to get her mind off of the noise. Make sure you do not hold her long or coddle her as this can often encourage the anxiety and reactions of fear. If this doesn’t seem to help, call your veterinarians London ON for additional tips.


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