How to Protect Your Pet From Fleas

Fleas are nasty parasites that commonly infect dogs as well as cats. The following list shows a few effective ways to keep your beloved pets protected from these nasty, bothersome, and allergy-causing fleas. 

Oral flea treatments 

Oral products that treat fleas in pets are usually prescribed with spot-on products, especially when there is a serious flea infestation at home or in your pets. One flea regulating tablet is suggested to be taken each month by an infected pet to help curb the lifecycle of fleas. 

Spot-on treatments 

Spot-on products are usually applied in specific areas of the pet's body that has been infected by fleas. But thanks to the oil glands of a pet, the product gets spread all over the area. Spot-on products are usually resistant to rain or bathing and its efficacy lasts many weeks. Spot-on products tend to repel or destroy fleas or cut off the lifecycle of fleas.

Do consult your veterinarian Anderson, IN before using any type of flea product on your pet. Visit this site to know more.


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