Ringworms in Chinchillas

Just like many pets and animals (such as dogs, rabbits, cats, birds, and other rodents), chinchillas can be affected by ringworm as well. Chinchillas are typical carriers of ringworm, a communicable fungal infection. Ringworm is a misnomer; the cause of the infection is not a worm but a type of fungus. Ringworm can be identified by seeing hair loss or dry patches or spots of scaly skin in the affected section of the infected pet's body. The affected sections could be the face, legs, or ears. This fungal infection is quite contagious; in fact, that it can be spread to humans or other pets. A chinchilla can acquire ringworm infection if it gets exposure to ringworm's so-called fungal spores. In some cases, a chinchilla may not show any noticeable sign of infection even though it's already carrying the microscopic fungal spores in the thick fur or hair coat of its body.

Any skin or hair coat problem should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian Anderson, IN.


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