What is Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome in Cats?

If you are going to bring a cat home, then you may want to plan on taking him in for a vet visit soon after her comes home. Your vet can help you with what to feed your cat and how much water your cat should be drinking and what kind of snacks your cat can eat. Your vet can also examine your cat and give you a run down of different illnesses or health concerns to be on the lookout for. One health concern is Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome. This illness can happen as a result of spinal cord injuries to the cat. The disease can occur if spinal cord is severed or cut by a lesion on the lower back. It causes extreme posturing of the upper limbs. Hind limbs may also suffer from paralysis or loss of strength and muscle. The overall result is pain and immobility. Click to learn more from your veterinary clinic Burlington, ON.


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