Is Your Cat Frequently Gagging?

If you’ve ever seen your cat gag before, it’s probably from scents that are very potent like perfumes and diffused essential oils, or it may also be caused by eating food with undesirable taste, or something unwholesome or toxic they ingested that’s causing their gag reflex to kick-in. Here are some of the most common gag-triggers in your cat’s environment: 

  • Cigarettes or vaping – the ash residues that come from cigarettes are quite fine and can attach to a cat’s fur which can then be ingested during grooming. Airborne chemicals from vaping can also find their way onto a cat’s fur and be ingested. 
  • Scented litter or litter box liners – while they may be pleasing to human noses, they can be quite strong for our cat’s and can cause them to gag. 
  • Laundry products – the chemicals used in our laundry soaps and detergents are very strong and will tend to stay on cushion covers, bedding, etc. for long periods. These scents can be irritating to cats and can cause them to sneeze, choke, and gag.

You should visit your veterinarian Lakewood Ranch, FL if you notice your pet cat gagging frequently.

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