Why People Should Stop Buying Teacup Pigs

While teacup pigs look adorable, the methods used to achieve the miniature look is cruel. The techniques used by breeders to keep the pigs small are inhumane. The following two methods are the most common:


When pot-bellied pigs are inbred they will produce smaller offspring. This method however significantly reduces the pig’s genetic diversity allowing for a multitude of health issues. As a result, most teacup pigs develop severe respiratory problems.


Limiting the amount of food given to pot-bellied pigs will stunt their growth. Because of this, the pigs won’t have as many nutrients leading to underdeveloped skeletal systems. The problem worsens as their organs grow to full size causing some bone deformities and other complex medical issues.

Stopping the trade of teacup pigs requires that we should stop buying these maltreated animals. If you own one or have a friend that does, let them know of the cruelty these animals suffer from and have their teacup pigs immediately checked with the animal hospital Dahlonega GA should they experience health issues.


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