Allergy Treatment In Dogs

Remedy and comfort from experiencing allergy symptoms in dogs are usually achieved with the help of antihistamine medications or steroids (in critical cases), just like in humans. Antihistamines and steroids help bring relief (albeit temporarily) from allergy symptoms but they do not put a stop to what is really causing the problem itself. That is why allergy flare-ups happen whenever the dog is exposed again to the specific allergen. 

Prevention is the best thing to do when it comes to food sensitivities or flea allergies. For flea allergies, it is best to have a full-year flea prevention and management program which will help in avoiding a more frequent repetition of the problem. Meanwhile, in the case of food allergy, you need to carefully observe and find out the food (or ingredient) and whatever the allergen is. Determining the specific allergen bringing about the recurring allergy is challenging and could take quite some time. 

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