Holding a Kitten the Correct Way

When you hold a kitten, it’s important to understand that you need to use as much care, gentleness, support, etc. that you would use when holding a human baby. In most cases, kittens should not be handled until they are at least four weeks of age unless you are the primarily caregiver in which case handling should be kept to a minimum. Let the mother cat care for her kittens most of the time during those first few weeks. Once the kittens are older then they can be handled in the following way. Take your writing hand and gently grip the kitten behind it’s front legs. At the same time, use the opposite hand to scoop the kitten up by the backend. Be careful that the tail is tucked in between the legs. Set the kitten back down by ensuring all four feet touch at the same time. Learn more or contact your pet clinic Tipp City OH.


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