Trimming Your Pet Rabbit’s Nails

When a rabbit’s nails grow too long and sharp, they can be very uncomfortable for the animal as well as the pet owner. The nails can also be prone to get snagged and being torn. These are important reasons to trim your pet rabbit’s nails regularly. You can use a nail clipper (guillotine-type), like the one that’s made for nail trimming of cats and birds. Keep your pet rabbit calm by wrapping him in a towel which could also protect you from any injury caused by your pet’s kicking. Hold the rabbit on his back and tuck his head in the crook of your elbow. Nail trimming should start as early as possible, so your pet will get used to the procedure. Make sure to make each nail trimming session a positive experience for your pet. 

When trimming your pet’s nails, be careful not to include the quick. It’s that part of the nail that has blood vessels. The quick is highly visible in rabbits with light-colored nails. With dark-colored nails, you may need to shine a penlight through the rabbit’s nail to locate the quick. When trimming the nail, be sure not to cut too close to the quick. 

If you don’t know how to cut your pet’s nails using the guillotine-type nail clipper, you can ask your pet clinic Salisbury, NC to show you how.


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