Can Gerbils Choke ?

Yes, it is possible for your gerbil to choke. Gerbils tend to eat quickly and even store part of their food in their cheeks to save for later. Eating quickly and pulling out food from the cheeks constantly could end up in choking if he’s bringing the food out of his cheek and chewing or swallowing it pretty quickly. Typical signs of choking include may include coughing, liquid coming from the mouth or nose, or a gagging like noise. If your gerbil chokes, call your vet immediately to find out what to do. Your vet may be able to walk you through some simple lifesaving steps such as gently tapping your gerbil to dislodge food stuck in his throat. Even if you are able to dislodge the food, you should still take your gerbil in for an exam and check up with your veterinary clinic Lexington KY.


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