Don’t Leave Your Cat in a Hot Car

It may seem like common knowledge that you shouldn’t keep your cat in a hot car, but when it comes down to a decision for you to personally make, it may not be so crystal clear. For instance, suppose you just need to run into the convenience store. It won’t be that long, you think, so it’s OK. It’s important to understand that that’s not the case. Even if you leave your cat in the car for a minute, it’s still too hot and still could be deadly. If it’s 80 degrees outside then it’s most likely 100 degrees or more in the car. Sure, you may leave the windows cracked, but that doesn’t help. If you leave the A/C on, that may help, but don’t count on it. If you’re A/C goes out or your cat accidentally turns it off, then the consequences could be deadly. Please don’t leave your cat in the car. Learn more form your veterinarians Savannah GA.


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