How Stomatitis In Cats Is Treated

Stomatitis in cats is a very painful condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the tissues in the mouth. There are many ways to address the problem. Teeth extraction is often a popular solution; in most cases, all of the cat’s teeth are associated with the inflammatory process inside the mouth which means they have to be removed. Fortunately, cats without any teeth don’t have any problems at all. They can still eat both kibble and canned pet food. Without any teeth, there won’t be any surfaces to which plaque can attach to. Plaque provides an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and thrive. The presence of bacteria triggers the immune response of the body and the inflammation. Even with scaling and polishing, plaque can easily build up again and again. If extraction of all the teeth is not possible, scaling and polishing should be done regularly coupled with an extensive home dental care regimen. 

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