Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

Does your dog hate to get wet? Is it a lot of trouble to drag your pup to the bathtub and shampoo his coat? What about drying? Drying a dog coat can take forever! If giving your bath is not something you love or you don’t have time for it then consider a quick run over with waterless shampoo. There are different types of canine waterless shampoos on the market today. You can select one and use it on your pup instead of giving him a full bath. Simply pick a vet approved waterless shampoo and follow the instructions on the bottle. Most waterless shampoos are applied to the coat, rubbed or messaged in and then voila the coat is washed, clean, shiny, smells good and is totally dry all on its own. If this sounds like something for your pup, consult with your Animal Hospital Newmarket, ON regarding a waterless shampoo brand to try.


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