Hideaway for Your Small Mammal

Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and mice need a hideaway to hole up inside their enclosure. This hideaway provides your small pet with a place to nap or hide. It can also make him feel more secure and comfortable. He may see at as a safe place and run to his hideaway when people approach his cage. This instinctual hiding is normal since your small pet would normally be prey for larger animals such as yourself. Leave your pet alone when he is in his hideaway. Let him come out on his own when he feels safe and when he wants to interact with you. You can make a hideaway out of a small wooden box. Cut a small opening in the hideaway so your pet can squeeze through. A cardboard house would work but needs to be replaced regularly. There are many commercially hideaways available too. Learn more from your pet clinic Los Gatos, CA.


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