Oral Medications for Diabetic Cats

Has your cat been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, don’t worry. Talk to your vet to learn all about the treatment options for your cat and how you can help your cat live a healthy lifestyle. One way your vet can help your cat is to prescribe treatment in the form of liquid insulin injections or insulin in the form of pills for swallowing. Oral medication or oral insulin is an easy way to treat your cat, but it’s not for all diabetic cats. In some circumstances, cats that are diagnosed in the early stages of diabetes will do well on an oral medication along with a special diet, weight loss, and exercise. Other cats that require larger amounts of insulin will most likely need injections. It’s important to watch your cats for side effects while on the medication. Some cats have developed vomiting or loss of appetite. Consult to your pet clinic Murrieta, CA to learn more.


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