Reasons Why Hedgehogs Lose Quills

The quilling of hedgehogs is a normal physiological process. Quilling is defined by growing and regularly losing of quills in hedgehogs. In most cases, quilling is normal but there are certain cases when excessive quilling happens and is a result of a variety of potential reasons, such as the following 

  • Very dry environment 
  • Mites 
  • Hormonal imbalance: hedgehogs can abnormally lose quills if it's stressed due to staying in a new cage, a new home, there's a presence of predators nearby, and other reasons 
  • Poor diet: just like many pets, a hedgehog needs to have a diet that is nutritious and suitable. Certain nutritional deficiencies can result in excessive quill losses 
  • Allergy: a hedgehog can be too sensitive to certain allergens, such as detergents or fabric softeners that smell too strong. Keep this in mind and don't use them whenever you are washing your beloved pet's bedding 

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