How to Diagnose Seizures in Mongolian Gerbils

Sigs of seizures in gerbils like the Mongolian gerbil include a change in behavior such as confusion or trance like behavior. Other signs include twitching of the ears, whiskers, head, or body. Stiffness when walking is often noticeable as well. If your Mongolian gerbil has these symptoms you should call your vet and schedule a checkup. These are common signs of seizures, however, it may not be a seizure for your gerbil. Only your vet is able to examine your gerbil and make a diagnosis. In some cases the symptoms could be from seizures while in other cases the symptoms could be from another underlying illness. Blood work and a physical exam can be conducted to find the right diagnosis. Once your vet knows what’s happening to your gerbil and the cause then he will be able to prescribe treatment. It’s important to follow your vet Las Vegas, NV team’s instructions for treatment and care.


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