Fleas on Your Chinchilla

Whether you give your chinchilla time outdoors in a supervised area or not, he could still pick up fleas. Fleas are in the yard outside (if your chinchilla does go outside) and fleas can be in the house especially if your have other pets. If you do have dogs or cats, make sure they are on a flea and tick monthly preventive medication to help ensure no fleas and ticks for them and your chinchilla. Chinchilla have heavy coats so fleas could be hard to find and hard to stop. Fleas generally choose to enter at the belly or underarms where there is less hair so search for them there especially if you see your chinchilla scratching excessively. In addition, carefully check the ears, and tail as these are other favorite spots for the fleas. Talk to your animal hospital Town of Thompson, NY about ways to rid your chinchilla of fleas. Do not use people shampoo or flea shampoos meant for dogs and cats. Click this website Quality Pet Care, LLC for more information.


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