Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Ever wondered why cats nibble on grass and then throw up afterward? Though vomiting is not a usual reaction, cats eat grass for various nutritional reasons. First, the grass is a great source of fiber for their diet. Being carnivores, cats may sometimes lack the necessary fiber intake required to keep them healthy. Another reason is that cats can get their dose of folic acid from grass – which is essential to their physical development. It also provides a boost in oxygen levels in the body. Niacin is a vitamin that cats may also be deficient in, luckily it is available in grasses. Niacin is vital to a cat’s health but unfortunately, they cannot be synthesized in their body – they have to get it from an external source. Deficiency in niacin may lead to poor appetite, weight loss, inflamed gums, and bloody diarrhea. The fiber in grass also provides cats with a natural laxative.

Should your cat experience any ailments as a result of changing diets you should consult your veterinarian Columbia, MD immediately.


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