Why Yarn Is Not A Safe Toy For Your Pet Cat

While it’s a popular notion that cats and balls of yarn go well together, cat parents should be forewarned. Playing with yarn pose various risks to pet cats which include the following:

Choking - A cat that is chewing yarn can choke if he inhales a piece of yarn or when it gets stuck in the back of the cat’s mouth. 

Obstruction — When a cat swallows yarn, it can get stuck anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract and cause an obstruction and other related problems. Surgery is often necessary so the object can be removed. There have been cases in which yard looped around the tongue of cats or ingested yard cutting through the wall so the intestine, which can lead to potentially serious life-threatening infections in the abdomen. 

If you think your cat has swallowed some yarn, call your vets Westminster, MD immediately.


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