Lighting Requirements Of Turtle And Tortoise Pets

One of the important things that should be included when setting up an enclosure for a pet turtle or tortoise is UVB lighting and heat bulbs, without which your pet could be at risk for serious health issues. Metabolic bone disease can develop in pet turtles or tortoises that lack exposure to UVB lighting. They need UVB rays so their body can synthesize vitamin D which is important in calcium metabolism. 

The best source of UVB rays is natural sunlight. But if your pet’s enclosure is located indoors, the sun’s rays can be blocked by the glass on the windows. Installing a UVB bulb (special reptile bulbs) in your pet’s enclosure can help ensure that it will receive sufficient amounts of UVB. These special bulbs should be changed every 6 months as they can run out of UVB rays. 

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