Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Lethargy In Senior Dogs

As dogs age, they undergo physical, mental, physiological, and emotional changes. However, many pet parents struggle in deciphering whether certain changes are age-related or red flags of underlying serious health issues. One of the important symptoms displayed by senior dogs that warrant an appointment with your vet the soonest possible time is lethargy and loss of interest in any physical activity. Your dog may be suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia and the pain and discomfort make it difficult for him to move. Be alert for any signs of stiffness or favoring of a limb. Dogs that are uncharacteristically tired and don’t have any interest to exercise may be suffering from congestive heart failure. Other serious health issues in which lethargy is a common symptom include kidney disease, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, or even cancer. 

Considering that these symptoms may indicate a lot of potentially serious health issues, you should make an appointment with your experienced vets Virginia Beach VA animal hospital Virginia Beach, VA sooner rather than later. 


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