Do Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

Yes, puppies do lose their teeth just like children do! Puppies will lose their baby teeth as they grow. You may not notice unless you happen to find a tooth on the floor or notice that your puppy has a space in his mouth where there used to be a tooth. Your vet can tell you that puppies lose their teeth all the time and it’s a normal part of their growing process. In general, dogs usually start to grow their first set of 28 teeth between five and six weeks of age. Baby teeth or deciduous teeth are the terms applied to the dog’s first set of teeth. They don’t last long, though. This set stars to fall out around eight weeks of age and often continues until twelve weeks of age or older. But don’t worry, by then your puppy will have already started to grow his 42 adult teeth. Click to learn more or call your veterinarians Las Vegas, NV.


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