Sneezing in Cats

Sneezing can be a pretty normal occurrence in cats. What’s not normal, however, is excessive sneezing. If your cat sneezes every now and then there’s most likely nothing to worry about. Of course, you can always call your vet if you believe there’s more to it than just sneezing. You should definitely call your vet if your cat is sneezing constantly. Sneezing is often triggered by an irritant in the nose or throat. Cats may sneeze a lot if they have allergies. For instance, pollen, dust mites, mold, ragweed, and other things in the air have been known to cause allergic reactions in cats. If your cat gets too close to household cleaners or household sprays with scents then they may start sneezing. Some studies show that smells left behind by mice or cockroaches can also cause frequent sneezing. Sneezing accompanied by bad breath could indicate gum disease or dental abscesses. Consult with your cat charlotte Cornelius, NC for more details.


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