Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Have you ever tried waterless shampoo in your own hair? Some brands can be a little dull, but many offer a quick and easy solution to clean hair without the water! This is great for cats especially now that water shampoo for cats is available. That’s right, if your cat needs a bath but hates water there’s no need to worry. With the waterless shampoo for cats, you can give your cat a quick wash without the water. Most waterless shampoos require a quick spray of the product on the cat’s coat and then a quick wipe down. That’s it. Make sure you look for waterless shampoo specifically for cats. Check the ingredients for any perfumes in case your cat is allergic to them. If your cat has known skin allergies or current skin irritations, please check with your animal hospital Cy-Fair before using the product on your cat.


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