Feeding Your Pet Cat

Cats can become overweight or obese if they are given food and treats that exceed their daily caloric needs. An inappropriate diet could also increase their risk of piling on the pounds. Cats are obligate carnivores and they will require meat-based protein sources every day to meet the specific nutritional needs of their bodies. 

Most cats don’t’ do well with one big meal a day. Ideally, their daily ration should be divided into 3-4 smaller meals and given at specific times every day. Unfortunately, many cat parents live a busy lifestyle that entails leaving their pets home alone while they’re at work. To ensure that home alone cats won’t go hungry, owners have been buying dry food feeders that are filled with kibble that flow into the bowl when cats eat. Unfortunately, this encourages cats to graze and consume more calories than what they really need. To remedy this problem, there are now cat feeders that are designed to control the amount of food that is released. There are also cat feeders equipped with a timer. 

Your animal hospital Fox Lake, IL is a valuable source of information about your pet’s diet and nutritional needs.


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