Reasons A Cat Won't Use Its Litter Box

Cats will not use their litter box from time to time and there are a host of potential reasons why this is so. Improper elimination, as well as steering clear of the litter box, are some of the key issues that cat owners are worried about. 

In some cases, a cat may steer clear of his own litter box if the litter box is not "up to the standards" of the cat that is likely fussy. In other cases, a cat may be experiencing a health problem which makes it hard for them (sometimes uncomfortable or even painful) to use (get in and out of) the litter box. Still, in other cases, cats might urinate in places where they're making a marking, and this could mean they are trying to convey a message to their owners. As you can see, there are various potential reasons why your beloved cat won't use his litter box, so it's essential that you find the root cause.

A visit to your best animal hospital Leesburg, VA can help determine if your pet’s behavior is caused by an underlying health issue.


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