Why Mutts Make For Great Pets

We’ve all heard of mutts before, but what are they actually? Mutts, or moggies, are the offspring of two different breeds of dogs. These dogs benefit from their parent’s unique genetics and are less prone to certain ailments and or abnormalities that beset many purebred dogs. But if you still prefer purebreds then it’s best to make sure that you buy from reputable breeders in your area. However, even though such dogs come with a warranty for genetic defects it may be hard to let go of them once we’ve bonded. 

There are many perks to owning crossbreeds, for one, they are less prone to hereditary problems that purebreds suffer from. Because they inherit traits from different breeds, it’s less likely that they develop abnormalities. Defective genes inherited from parents usually become recessive and are trumped by dominant genes from other parents.

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