Why You Should Have a Reflective Collar for your Canine

If you and your dog like to go for long walks on the trails, down the street, or throughout your neighborhood, it’s important to make sure you are both dressed in reflective clothing. Reflective gear can help you and your dog stay visible to those around you including other walkers, dog owners, hikers, and most importantly drivers on the road. Even if your dog already has a collar, you may want to consider buying him a reflective collar specifically for outside activities. Look for collars that are fluorescent in color or have reflective stripes. A reflective leash or harness may also be helpful while walking. You should also wear reflective clothing such as reflective sneakers or a vest. It’s all about visibility when it comes to outdoor activity. For help finding a reflective collar or for more ways to protect you and your dog while walking, give your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic a call.


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