What to Do If Your Dog Sits on Walks

Taking your dog on a routine walk each day is a great way to help your dog get exercise as well as get out in the fresh air and sunshine. If you have a small dog, make sure you don’t plan an overly long walk. Large dogs can handle more, but don’t overdo it. In addition, if it’s hot, be sure to keep the walk limited. Most dogs enjoy their walks, but what if your dog sits down and refuses to move? First, make sure your dog isn’t injured. You may want to take him to the vet for an exam just to be sure. If your dog has arthritis and the weather is cold or damp then he might not be up for a walk. If your dog is simply planting all fours and refusing to move then you will need to work with him to make him behave. For more information, call your veterinary clinic Cy-Fair


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