How to Treat Dogs with Corns of the Paws

If your dog has a corn or callus on his paw pad then you need to schedule an exam with your vet to verify and to discuss possible treatment options. Corns can develop due to pressure or trauma on the paw, an infection, or from a previous scar or injury to the paw. Treatments can vary from dog to dog and depending on the severity of the corn. In some cases, your vet may need to surgically removing the corn in order for your dog to get immediate relief. After surgery, pressure relief bandages may be added to help reduce pressure on the paw and to encourage a clean healing of the incision. Your dog may need to avoid walking on hard surfaces until it heals. Some dogs may even need to wear booties to provide extra protection against pressure on the paw pad. It usually takes about 2 weeks for healing unless further treatment is needed from your most competent veterinarians Jacksonville FL.


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