Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath

Dogs in general aren’t always fans of a bath. Here are some tips to make that experience a little easier on your dog and yourself. First, talk with your vet about the kinds of shampoos, conditioners and other washes to use on your dog. This is especially important if your dog has known skin allergies. When it comes to bath time, introduce your dog to the bathtub ahead of time by letting him explore it without getting a bath. Consider placing a rubber mat in the tub to keep your dog from slipping. This can help ease the fear out of being in the tub. Start the bath with lukewarm water. Next, add the shampoo and gently work up a lather on your dog’s coat. Avoid the eyes and ears. Rinse your dog slowly until the water runs clear. For more tips, visit their site or call your veterinary clinic Jacksonville, FL. 


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