Is Your Cat Sneezing? -- Is There A Pattern?

There are several reasons why cats sneeze. In most cases, it’s just a simple irritant that’s tickling the nose. But there are other instances when sneezing is triggered by something more serious such as inhalation of toxic fumes, an inflammation of the sinuses or nasal cavity, or an infection of a tooth that drain into the sinuses. 

The occasional here every now and then is not probably something to be worried about. Sneezing is actually one of the body’s protective mechanisms against irritants in the upper respiratory tract. However, if you noticed that your cat’s sneezing seems to be more frequent, observe closely for patterns. Does it usually happen every day? At what time? Where does it usually occur? By analyzing these patterns, you would be able to determine if your cat’s sneezing is caused by an irritant in his environment, such as smoke, dust, pollen, or perfume, or if it’s caused by an underlying infection or illness. In this case, you should make an appointment with your animal hospital Roanoke, VA so your cat can be examined thoroughly and proper treatment can be given if needed. 


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