How Close Should You Let Your Cat Get to Your Baby?

Cats and babies aren’t exactly known for being the best of friends. As a matter of fact, some cats downright hate babies and toddlers! But, they won’t get along unless they spend time together. Exactly how close should you let your cat get to your baby?

The answer to this question depends on the disposition of your cat. If your feline is skittish and jumps, scratches, or bites when startled, you shouldn’t let them interact at all. If your cat is pretty chill and doesn’t seem to care about much, you can try letting your baby and cat interact.

To promote closeness, consider allowing your cat to claim your child’s stuff. For example, let him sleep in the bouncer if you find him curled up there, or let him bunt your child’s toys.

For more tips, click here, or ask your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA for advice


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