Why Daily Scooping of the Litter Box is Essential

If you hate the smell of a cat's litter box and don't want that stinky smell to spread through your entire house, you need to develop the habit of scooping out your beloved cat's litter box on a regular basis (or at least once daily). If the poop, as well as clumps, are left in the litter box for a day or much more, the stinky smell would spread through the rooms and eventually your entire house.

Don't forget that your beloved cat uses its litter box many times in a single day, so you need to scoop it out accordingly. Scooping out the litter box should become part of your daily routine. You can choose to scoop it out twice a day (during early morning and late evening), or more if necessary. If you don't scoop out the litter box on a regular basis, your cat will eventually stop using it.

Since litter box evasion can also be caused by an underlying health issue, make an appointment with your animal clinic Tampa, FL  so your cat can undergo a thorough examination. 

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