How To Keep Pet Parrots Warm During Colder Months Of The Year

Pet parrots are very vulnerable to sudden changes in environmental temperatures. During weather extremes, parrots that are placed in outdoor aviaries should be brought indoors where they can be protected. When indoors, make sure that there are no drafts in the room where the bird’s enclosure is kept. At night, you may cover the parrot’s cage for additional protection against temperature drops. Choose a good quality cover that can serve its purpose. Always monitor the warmth and humidity inside the room where the enclosure has been placed as parrots are also extra-sensitive to dry air. It is recommended to install a humidifier for proper monitoring. All these measures can help ensure the optimum protection of your feathered friend. Keep in mind that parrots have sensitive respiratory systems, making them prone to respiratory issues which can possibly become life-threatening.

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