Common Itchy Medical Conditions In Pets

Itching is a common condition in pets. While an occasional itch is not really a cause for concern, persistent and instinct itching can affect your pet’s quality of life. It can prevent them from having a good sleep or from engaging in their normal activities. Scratching, rubbing, and chewing at itchy areas of the body can lead to redness, broken skin, sores, hair loss, and even undesirable odors. In some cases, itching could be one of the symptoms of a medical condition. There are many causes of itching in cats and dogs. Here are the most common ones:


These tiny blood-sucking parasites are one of the most common causes of itching in pets. Some cats and dogs are allergic to flea saliva and even a few bites can lead to severe itching and infection.


There are many triggers of allergic reactions in cats and dogs. Common allergens include fleas, food, mold, pollen, dust mites, plastic, and a lot of other things in your pet’s immediate environment. 

Bacterial and yeast infections

Itching is a sign of certain bacterial and yeast infections affecting the skin.  


This fungal infection is very contagious, you can even get if from your pet!

Hot spots

Hotspots are moist, oozing areas of the skin that are usually very itchy and often painful. The problem is quite common among dogs. 

Signs of skin problems should warrant an appointment with your animal clinic North Dallas, TX.


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