What To Do If Your Rabbits Has Flystrike?

Flystrike can occur when maggots that hatch from eggs laid by flies on the skin of rabbits start feeding on the skin tissues of their host. As maggots feed, they cause extreme pain, irritation, and discomfort. If you notice any maggots on your pet’s skin or fur coat, bring him to the vet immediately.  The area needs to be shaved so the maggots can be removed. Immediate pain relief is very important for affected rabbits. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. Without immediate treatment, the rabbit may die. 

The best way to protect your pet rabbit from flystrike is to keep flies away in the first place. These include putting a screen surrounding the rabbit’s hatch and keeping your pet’s living quarters clean and dry. If your pet has loose stools, call your veterinarian Dallas, GA who will tell you what to do. Regular grooming and making sure that your pet’s bottom is also dry and clean are also important preventive measures.  

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