Vomiting In Dogs -- When Should You Be Concerned?

There are many potential causes of vomiting in dogs ranging from a change in diet to dietary indiscretion to obstructions in the upper digestive tract to illnesses to life-threatening conditions that need prompt veterinary intervention. Before seeking medical attention for your pet, you should make sure that your pet is vomiting and not regurgitating food. Vomiting requires effort to bring the stomach contents up back to the mouth; on the other hand, there’s no effort required during regurgitation. 

If your pet is vomiting several times for more than a day, you should seek veterinary attention, more so if your dog’s vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms like loss of appetite, change in the frequency of urination, diarrhea, blood in vomit or stool, change in water intake, gums that appear pale or white, abdominal pain, collapse, and weight loss. 

Call your veterinarian London, ON, sooner rather than later, if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms. 


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