Battery Components Are Toxic To Pets

Batteries are filled with chemicals and these are toxic when ingested by animals as well as people. Batteries contain toxic elements such as heavy metals, lithium, as well as chemicals that can create massive damage to tissues that line the digestive tract. Meanwhile, alkaline batteries contain potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide which are caustic compounds, and ingestion of which could bring about the creation of deep ulcers in the affected body tissues. When ingested by your pet, it could also cause obstruction somewhere in the pet's digestive tract. 

You might think that you always eliminate batteries in the best possible way, but you should consider the fact that your pet might still get access to batteries around your house, such as batteries that are found in your cellphone, other gadgets, toys as well the TV remote. 

If you found your pet ingested a battery, do not make him vomit to prevent further damage. Instead, bring him immediately to the nearest vet or animal clinic Wichita, KS. Click here to know more.


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