Common Skin Conditions In Horses

Horses can develop skin problems that need prompt and appropriate medical intervention. Here are some common skin problems that can affect horses: 


The infection is caused by a type of fungi and is highly contagious. It can be transmitted directly or indirectly, thus infected horses should be separated from other horses. Early signs include tufts of raised hair that eventually shed off and leaving behind oozing lesions that are often circular in share, thus the name of the condition. 


Poor air circulation under the rug or a back that’s frequently gets wet with rain or sweat can increase a horse’s risk to rainscald. It’s a type of skin infection which is characterized by patchy hair loss along the horse’s back and quarters. The presence of sores and oozing lesions cause hair to become matted. An existing illness or a weakened immunity are also important predisposing factors. 

Your vet Derby is a valuable source of information about your pet’s health and behavior. Read more here.


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