Can Indoor Cats Suffer From Hypothermia During Winter?

Sudden drops in the environmental temperature during winter can be an important predisposing factor of hypothermia in cats, particularly those that venture outdoors and are exposed to outside elements. 

However, indoor cats are well-protected from the extreme cold and are less prone to suffering hypothermia. When outside temperature is way down low, make sure that the temperature inside your home is warm enough for everyone. Monitor your pet’s behavior for this can reveal a lot about what he is feeling. If he feels cold, he will surely seek nooks and crannies where he can be warm and protected. If you feel cold, your cat will surely feel cold also. 

Outdoors cats have a higher risk of contracting hypothermia since they are more exposed to the external environment. Having a comfortable shelter can protect them from hypothermia. If you can allocate a small portion of your garage to be their temporary accommodation during winter, it could be a life-saving gesture. 

Hypothermia is a life-threatening issue that needs immediate medical intervention. Bring your pet to the nearest vet clinic Derby immediately.


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