Learning to Pick Up Your Pet Hedgehog

Your pet hedgehog can be difficult to handle because of its spines. Handling your hedgehog daily gives you a chance to bond. And he can exercise outside the enclosure. Thus you need to learn to pick up your hedgehog properly. Before picking up your hedgehop, ensure that he is comfortable with you. Talk or sing softly to him while you sit near his enclosure. Let your hedgehog explore your hand as you drape it inside. Try hand feeding your hedgehog. When you are ready to pick up your hedgehog, act quickly and efficiently. Scoop him up from underneath with one hand while you use and other to secure him over the spines. Keep the spines evenly distributed on your skin so they will not hurt. Move slowly to keep your pet calm. Consider protecting your hand with a small cloth. Be careful not to drop your hedgehog. For more information, contact your veterinarian Temecula, CA. For more details visit your local Murrieta Family Pet Hospital.


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