Window Seats for Cats

Does your cat like to look out the window? Do you have a place where your cat can sit in front of the window and watch the world (or birds) outside? Did you know there are window seats designed for such a purpose? That’s right. There are window seats that are designed to give cats a comfortable perch right in front of the window. Some of these seats attach to the window itself via suction cups. The more durable and most likely more comfortable seats actually attach to the window sill. The window seats provide a soft seat/bed for your cat so you don’t have to worry about your cat sitting on your furniture and you don’t have to hold your cat up to the window either. You can find these online and possibly at large chain pet stores. Please do not allow your cat to sit at the window on super hot days. Click to learn more or ask your veterinarians Helotes, TX about these seats.


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